[Mono-devel-list] Announce: MBuild

Peter Williams peter at newton.cx
Wed Aug 25 14:24:58 EDT 2004

Hey everyone,

You thought you were safe, you thought it was dead, but you were wrong!
MBuild is a new release of my overengineered, much-hyped build
system. It is available at:


MBuild requires Mono 1.0.1 and CVS monodoc. And by "CVS
monodoc", I mean "I committed a vitally important patch an hour ago."
All the documentation is now in monodoc format so this caveat is

MBuild is still beta software, although I think it should be
usable for straightforward C# projects. At this point, I am looking to
get developers excited about MBuild and start contributing to make it
industrial-strength and ready for prime-time.


MBuild is a build system. It aims to enforce good build practices and
encourage cross-platform design while not being too hard to use. I think
of MBuild as "The tool for people who get angry when they even think
about automake."


* Vast improvements, all over the system. Code cleanups, design
improvements, bug fixes, the works.

* There's a new tool called mb-bundlegen that generates "bundles"
(encapsulations of build rules and logic) from a simple file format
using CodeDom. It's pretty neat.

* There's a prototype graphical build configurator call mb-gtkconfig.
(That is, imagine if ./configure could give you an automatically
generated GTK user interface.) 

* There are new bundles supporting the Monodoc documentation assembly,
PkgConfig, and much, much more. 

* There is robust error detection and handling. 

* There is installation and uninstallation, using a diabolically clever

* There is some API documentation (!) for parts of the Mono.Build

* The rest of the documentation has been converted into Monodoc format.


Good question! If you're a slave to the autotools, now's your chance to
break free!


Thanks for your time,

Peter Williams                          peter at newton.cx

"[Ninjas] are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet."
                              -- REAL Ultimate Power

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