[Mono-devel-list] RE: [Mono-list] How hard is it to install Mono?

Jo Vermeulen jo at lumumba.luc.ac.be
Wed Aug 25 04:24:42 EDT 2004

Max Metral wrote:

>For those of us doing porting and checking out mono after coming from VS, it
>doesn't look so great to end up with a compiler with no tools to figure out
>what's going wrong...
Hopefully MonoDevelop combined with mono-debugger can turn out to be 
just as productive as Visual Studio .NET. I haven't tried it yet, since 
mono-debugger isn't packaged for Debian.

An easy-to-use IDE with a handy debugging interface is what's needed to 
attract developers to GNU/Linux IMHO. Mono is already a big leap 
forward. Before, programmers probably had to use C/C++ if they wanted to 
develop an (integrated) application for GNU/Linux, which isn't as 
attractive as developing in C#.

Kind regards,

Jo Vermeulen
Student Computer Science at the LUC

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