[Mono-devel-list] How hard is it to install Mono?

Todd Berman tberman at off.net
Tue Aug 24 16:55:47 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-24-08 at 14:16 -0600, Steve Deobald wrote:
> John Luke wrote:
> >A 3rd option is a happy medium between 2 packages and many packages.
> >Something like:
> >mono-core
> >mono-windows-compat
> >mono-only-stuff
> >(optionally split out the System.Web stuff)
> >
> >although I think the inter-dependencies get a little confusing here
> >  
> >

None of these setups will work.

If we go back to a 2 package setup, we are basically going to end up
with either 1) broken deps, or 2) insane requirements.

I dont think requiring X to install the mono rpm is sane. There are lots
of people using mono (asp.net) on boxes without X. For those who arent
aware, X would become a dep because mono would include System.Drawing
which would depend on gdiplus which depends on cairo which depends on X

That is just the big one. I think that if I want to install mono-sqlite,
it is most likely a given that I want sqlite itself. Anything that
pinvokes into an unmanaged library needs to have its deps installed. If
we did that properly with a 2 package setup you would end up with mono
depending on at least multiple database systems, cairo, X. It doesnt
sound like a good move.

I don't understand what is hard about installing mono-complete and
having it pull everything in.


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