[Mono-devel-list] How hard is it to install Mono?

Stacey Abshire sabshire at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 15:53:47 EDT 2004

> though: how many people in the RPM world haven't discovered how awesome 
> Red Carpet is yet? :)

I have to disagree...  I have had my share of difficulty with Red Carpet... 
particularly when the package dependecies are not right.  It can completely
screw up your system.  I have not tried the install laletly with recent
versions of mono, but I can attest that early on, using red carpet on fedora
was a dependency problem.  And it was no fun in the least.  Additionally,
having to install another package to install packages is a pain, IMO.

I use Linux solely at home, well, except for an iMac (but that doesn' count
:)), and installing software is a pain in butt.  Even Debian with apt can be a
pain.  When it goes wrong, look out.  It may not be so bad if you don't mind
being behind several versions running testing, or stable, but if you want the
latest stuff, installing with apt can ruin your day.  True, its labelled
unstable, but for crying out loud, is it such a problem to make the dependcies
right?  Enough of my soap box...

All that being said, I still think installing mono should be a simple download
one file, and double-click it.


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