[Mono-devel-list] How hard is it to install Mono?

Josselin Auguste jauguste at mangue.org
Tue Aug 24 14:35:00 EDT 2004

> Hello all,

Hi :)

> Some questions:
> How do you install Mono right now? What do you do to upgrade?

i just use the debian packages available in debian sid to install mono, except when i wanna look into an accurate package, in this case i built it from the cvs tree

> Is Mono too difficult to install for people new to Linux? For people
> with Linux experience?

i think no, to my mind mono is currently well separated into logical packages, so we can just install what we need
it's the job of the documentation to help the user installing mono, and to help him determining which packages he need and which he needn't.

> Do you think switching back to a two package setup is a good idea?

i think no, it's less flexible for the end user :/
and as i said before, with a good documentation no problem :) (this doesn't mean the current documentation isn't a good one ;)

> A lot of Mono users are new to Linux, and it is evident that the
> installation procedure for Windows (Paco's excellent installer) and Mac
> OS X (the dmg image from Adam) is far simpler than the various
> mechanisms available on Linux. We like to make the installation
> experience on Linux as simple as the others as well.

huum, not sure, because the binary packages (debian or fedora packages for example) include the concept of dependency, so it's easy to make meta-packages providing the essential components of mono by the way of their dependencies :)

> Thanks so much!

de rien :)

> Duncan.

Josselin Auguste

PS : please excuse my horrible English :/ i try to make it better, but it's so difficult..
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