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Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU
Tue Aug 24 06:24:33 EDT 2004

Hey Marcus,

As I understood it you where building a tool that processes MSBuild
files, this is something very different from building a tool that acts
exactly like MSBuild, including duplicating all namespaces associated
with this tool. This is neccessary when someone extends the tool or
doesn't use the tool itself but invokes it programmatically. If we do
not duplicate the namespaces, this will not work for Mono.
So as you see, building a tool that processes msbuild files is just a
'by-product' of implementing all these namespaces for this project.
The advantage of your project is that you will finish much faster (I
think). This would allow other people to convert the makefiles / nant
files that build mono to msbuild files a long way before we finish the
duplication of msbuild.

I hope you do not feel offended in any way for us taking a different
route, but as I pointed out, we have a different goal then yours.
If you want to join us (now or in a later stage, perhaps when you have
finished your own project), just ring a bell, you would be a valuable
resource to us.

-- Rob.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the exact format and specifications
MSBuild are still subject to change. Many items are not (fully)
yet. Also, some of the older documentation and MSBuild sample files are
compatible with the version of MSBuild being distributed now (such as in
VS Express Beta).

Apparently, I'm competing against the Mono effort in developing an

On Tuesday 24 August 2004 3:47 am, Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU wrote:
> Great to have you onboard :)
> In the meantime, if you need some resources on msbuild:
> A great introduction: (watch linewrap)
>h tml/msbuildpart1.asp
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