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Kenneth Benson sdhmis at sheratondover.com
Wed Aug 18 09:49:01 EDT 2004

According to the ECMA site, there are/were 7 meetings by the working group,
the last to be held in September.
Then the document while be voted on in December. If it passes the vote it
will be submitted to the ISO
fast track. From what I hear things are looking good for it to pass.

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Also it has not been mentioned, that Microsoft is releasing the C++/CLI spec
to ECMA...
What that means is that, just like C#, C++ will be a player in the CLI. It
is not published yet to my knowledge, but it does lay the groundwork for the
addition of a C++ front end to an IL compiler. Maybe eventually GCC will
have a flag to add this functionality (even Borland is working on the spec).
But I digress, we are not there yet and that work probably won't be final
until Whidby ships.
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