[Mono-devel-list] Building Mono on Windows

Jacek Blaszczynski jacek.blaszczynski at acn.waw.pl
Thu Aug 12 05:09:21 EDT 2004

Hello Nathan!
Great idea to do that what was not done yet and is really needed.
I would propose to redefine project a bit - the final goal should be
creation of cross-platform build project for the whole of Mono - current
-nix tools are not portable to many other platforms and should be replaced
by something more universal - perhaps with NAnt being the best candidate.
Side product could be of course VS.NET solution(s).
Unfortunately my track record and knowledge in transferring projects from
-nix to windows is very limited but I would like to help you in your work.
Actually I have already created just for fun some successfully compiling
VS.NET projects for some of class libraries (System, System.Xml,
System.Data) with corlib being an outstanding exception. Therefore, one may
use them to create NAnt build projects instead of going the other way.
My proposal is to divide work based on competences and existing results te
get it running faster. I would be of limited help in replacing gcc in mono
runtime compilation steps and would prefer to stick with C# part.
Nathan, plz create some draft of project "mono windows" or
"mono-crossplatfrom" with some targets and work sharing to agree on.

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I am working on a new way to build Mono in windows utilizing Visual
Studio.NET.  My first task is to get it to build using a NAnt build file
which is coming along nicely.  Then, I am hoping to make an XSLT transform
to convert the NAnt build file into VS.NET solution & project files.  The
hardest part to this all is that instead of using gcc to compile I am
attempting to utilize cl.exe to produce a windows dll with the mono runtime.


Has anyone done any work in this area and have some suggestions/comments
that might be useful to me?


Thanks much!




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