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Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
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There is a project called whirl2il created by Kristian Rietveld.


An excerpt from the web page:

whirl2il is a project aiming to write a translator, which translates the
WHIRL intermediate language generated by SGI's Open64 compiler into
valid CIL. This way, we can compile C, C++ or even Fortran into WHIRL
and then translate it into CIL. The resulting CIL file can be assembled
to a .NET executable/assembly. Final project is adding support for
managed C++ to the Open64 compiler, so we get a fully open source
managed C++ compiler. 

Note that whirl2il is in very, very early stages. The code being offered
here is a snapshot of a prototype/proof-of-concept. Only a few WHIRL
instructions are supported, lots of sidecases are missing, types are
handled completely wrong and support for pointers does not exist yet.
However, whirl2il can successfully translate a few small WHIRL programs.
Simple also means that the C program should consist of a single C source
file, this will of course be fixed later on. Another problem is that the
Open64 compiler generates 64 bit code, all array and pointer arithmetic
code is for 64-bit platform

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Also in my site http://www23.brinkster.com/noicys in the "C++/CLI binary
portability experiments" section I have a first C++/CLI hello world
program running in Mono.

Al link to the page itself:

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