[Mono-devel-list] Re: C++/CLI binary portability II

Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU Rob.Tillie at Student.tUL.EDU
Sun Aug 15 03:41:31 EDT 2004

Hey Ioannis,


C++ on the .NET platform isn't used that much, mostly it's used when
P-invoking a lot.

The problem with C++ is that it's fairly difficult to support, because we'd
have to support the mixed CLI / native C++.

Maybe we could look into the option of supporting only pure managed C++.NET,
like it is available in .NET 2.0, but don't expect it anytime soon because
it is a lot of work.
If you really want to use Mono now the only option you have is to use C#,
which doesn't require that much learning.
Anywayz, it's cool when you investigate the C++ abilities for Mono like you
have done, so we get a view of what we could do and what needs to be done.



-- Rob.



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Rafael Teixeira wrote: 

First, Mono's implementation of System.Windows.Forms is not ready, you
should have read the release notes for Mono 1.0 (Mono's implements
most of .NET 1.1, but not all).
A good rule of thumb is to read the release notes for any software
before trying to use it.

OK, probably I missed that.

Second, your error message seems to say that the constructor for some
metadata Attribute could not be found, not the Form class constructor.
You´ll need dig a bit deeper to find out which one is missing.
But as you are using VC++ 2005 Express Beta 1, which installs/uses a
beta version of .NET 2.0, it is surely not a surprise that many
classes may be missing/incompatible.
As someone already pointed in your other thread of messages, many
classes needed for Visual C++.NET programs are being relocated from an
assembly (Microsoft.VisualC.dll) to another (mscorlib), but currently
none of those classes are implemented in Mono.
Are you sure you can't try to use C# instead of C++, it is a better
supported language in mono, as we develop almost all of our managed
code (class libraries and utilities) in it. As a developer with years
of experience in both languages, I prefer C# over C++(.NET
 or not) 100% of the time...

Well, since C++ does not lack anything that C# has, why waste time learning
C#? Not to mention that C++/CLI is better than C# (managed objects in the
stack, deterministic finalisation etc), not to mention the better
optimisation of IL for C++ including the upcoming POGO optimisation in VC++
2005, templates with managed types along with generics and the list is too

That said, C# is OK too, but I will stick with C++. Language neutrally
speaking, C++ is more widespread than C# and VB so I suppose it should be
supported by Mono because this would also drive more developers to Mono.
Also this would not force C++ developers to stick with MS.

For example, I know enough .NET and I could contribute to Mono by using
existing Mono facilities (like drawing ones) to create some others (like
WinForms facilities) but I am restricted from the C# and VB(!) support only.

Besides that, Mono is great. So what I can say is, keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Ioannis Vranos

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