[Mono-devel-list] Issue of binary portability of a hello worl d application

Kenneth Benson sdhmis at sheratondover.com
Wed Aug 11 10:51:24 EDT 2004

Ioannis, do you think you could ask Brandon which types were moved? I'd be
to see what I could do if I knew which they were.

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Some more additional information about Microsoft.VisualC.dll:

"Ioannis Vranos wrote:

> How can I remove that useless assembly reference to "Microsoft.VisualC"?

This is currently a bug in the Visual C++ compiler. We moved a number of

types from Microsoft.VisualC.dll into the frameworks assemblies (like

mscorlib.dll). Those types will need to be introduced on Mono to work, which

should be trivial.

The simple hello world example shouldn't need any changes to Mono... it's

just a bug in the VC compiler right now.


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