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Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 15:51:53 EDT 2004

Oi Jurandy,

Some Posix functionality is available in the Mono.Posix assembly
(overview here http://www.nullenvoid.com/mono/wiki/index.php/MonoPosix).

It looks like there is not much of PAM integration classes there, so
you my need to write some code yourself to P/Invoke in the correct
libraries (because probably your code won't have direct access to the
passwords file in /etc, and may need to be more useful than this
Python example that doesn't work well with shadow passwords).

Você conhece o MonoBrasil (http://monobrasil.softwarelivre.org/twiki/bin/view)?

Sorry for not being able to really help you with this...


On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:15:47 -0300, Jurandy Martins Soares Junior
<jurandy at lsd.ic.unicamp.br> wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I'm new in the list (but not in C#).
> Does anyone know how to write in C# a sample application for login?
> Something similar to the one below, written in Python.
> Regards,
> Jurandy Martins
> ----------------------------
> #!/usr/bin/python
> import crypt, getpass, pwd
> def login():
>    username = raw_input('Python login:')
>    cryptedpasswd = pwd.getpwnam(username)[1]
>    if cryptedpasswd:
>        if cryptedpasswd == 'x' or cryptedpasswd == '*':
>            raise "Sorry, currently no support for shadow passwords"
>        cleartext = getpass.getpass()
>        if crypt.crypt(cleartext, cryptedpasswd[:2]) == cryptedpasswd:
>            print "Authentication succeed!"
>        else:
>            print "Failure login!"
> login()

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