[Mono-devel-list] Problem: CSC fails to compile corlib (bug?) or is it an MCS bug ?

Jacek Blaszczynski jacek.blaszczynski at acn.waw.pl
Mon Aug 9 04:45:02 EDT 2004


csc is unable to compile corlib under windows throwing the following error: 

Assembly generation failed -- Common Language Runtime Internal error:
0x80131443 later complining about using security attributes defind in the
same assembly.

Obviously mcs compiles without any problems.

No problems with csc compiling other assemblies I have tested so far.

Q1: is the use of security attributes within corlib violating in any way
ECMA C# specs?
Q2: who is right prohibiting use of security attributes in defining
Q3: is it possible to compile corlib with csc - any workarounds ?


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