[Mono-devel-list] sn.exe & file locking problem on Solaris

Bernie Solomon bernard at ugs.com
Wed Aug 4 21:03:29 EDT 2004

I have discovered that sn doesn't work on Solaris because of a file locking

The file being signed ends up being mapped in memory (to gets its
and then a fcntl(F_SETLK) is attempted and this fails with EAGAIN. This
on Linux. Looking at the man pages Solaris (2.8) just says the fcntl fails
if the file
is memory mapped. Linux adds "by another process". So both are behaving as

The question is how to address this - for my own use for the moment I just
the EAGAIN failure and go on and the signing succeeds. I can't immediately
of a good alternative to this. I think sn itself shouldn't have to change to
cope with
this. Anyone have alternatives?

Bernie Solomon

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