[Mono-devel-list] Differences between Mono and MS CLR

mono at evain.net mono at evain.net
Wed Aug 4 07:54:30 EDT 2004

Hi there, 

As the author of an AOP tool, I'm strongly interested in Reflection and IL.
I've founded 2 "problems" where Mono behaves differently than MS CLR.
The interesting thing is that I think that Mono behaviour is much more 
logical than MS CLR. You can find my two thought (in my bad english) here : 


To sum up, the first one concerns the UnderlyingSystemType from Type that 
Mono set well, but MS does not, so we can not access the underlying system 
type of an enum or an array using the property, but only using the static 
method from Enum for example. I don't think MS behaviour is good, but I've 
contacted some Microsoft folks, and they say that it's a "very confusing 
area", and that "Mono is incorrectly behaving here". But their 
UnderlyingSystemType property seems useless in this case !!! 

The second point concerns static field initialization in IL : 

.field public static valuetype Test.AnEnumeration anenum = int32(2) 

With Mono, we can read it as AnEnumeration.B (that is 2), and there is no 
problem. With MS, it's never initialized, and always 0. I do think here that 
Mono behaves correctly, but once again, MS does not. 

May some guru enlights me and tell me their opinions about this two points ? 


Evain Jb 

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