[Mono-devel-list] Prevalence of pointer-integral-pointer casting in mono?

Peter Colson pcolson at connexus.net.au
Mon Aug 2 22:23:43 EDT 2004

(Hope this appears at the right point in the list...)

Responding to Paolo...

OK, let's accept that the Mono runtime code is not particularly subject
to the problem of casting a pointer to an integral type and back,
expecting it to still be useable as a pointer.

Where does that leave us with respect to the IntPtr and UIntPtr types in
C# and the requirement for these types to be able to hold a pointer and
allow those contents to be treated as a pointer?

If the platform concerned has 128-bit pointers and no native integral
type to hold a pointer, is the ability to support (U)IntPtrs prevented?

Furthermore, am I right in saying that any .Net-style runtime operating
on a platform is going to have recourse to using unsafe calls (at least
internally) requiring the use of (U)IntPtr's, even if C# code written on
that platform makes no use of unsafe code?

Peter Colson,
Carringbush Software.

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