[Mono-devel-list] Mono 1.0.1 release.

Rodrigo B. de Oliveira rbo at acm.org
Sun Aug 1 18:02:55 EDT 2004


I was thinking of the fixes to "my" bugs :-) the ones that directly
affect boo [1]: #61223, #61212 and #61224. Apparently Gert's patch
(#59894) could fix them but it was postponed for better reviewing (if I
recall it correctly).

There is a related bug about Assembly.GetTypes() raising
System.OutOfMemoryException for dynamically emitted assemblies that I'll
be reporting later today.


[1] http://boo.codehaus.org/

Em Dom, 2004-08-01 às 02:06, Miguel de Icaza escreveu:
> Hey,
> > Will some of the System.Reflection.Emit fixes make into this one?
> What fixes do you have in mind?
> Miguel
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