[Mono-devel-list] Different mod-mono-servers for different applications

Javier Ramon Garcia javier at uh.cu
Wed Apr 28 15:37:09 EDT 2004


We are three persons working on different applications on the same computer. 
In the (new)apache configuration for mod_mono I can't find a way to say I 
want **different** mod-mono-servers for those different applications. (we 
would like to restart those servers independently). 

I'm supposing this is not possible right now because there is only one
MonoApplications directive and one MonoUnixSocket. 

We are temporally using xsp.exe with --port option to work in team but, later 
we will be using mod-mono-server and apache, and I can't see a way to 
have different mod-mono-servers.

In the future I would like to drop different .conf files inside apache conf.d/ 
directory for different applications I plan to install as RPMs.

Hope this will help others too.

(using mono 0.31 for fedora core 1, xsp 0.12, and mod_mono 0.8)

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