[Mono-devel-list] System.ServiceProcess

Cesar Mello cmello2 at terra.com.br
Wed Apr 28 13:26:40 EDT 2004


I currently have a command line program that runs under Windows, called 
as a task each 30 minutes. It extracts history data from a Visual 
SourceSafe tree through COM and stores it in a database. I plan to make 
a similar "source control" adapter in Mono, for extracting the same 
information from a CVS server, running under Linux. Right now I'll 
implement it as a command line program and run from a cron script. But 
in the future, it would be very cool to adapt these programs to run as 
services. It's quite easy to do so under Windows, extending the 
System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase class. Are there any plans to 
implement this under Mono too? It would be very cool to write and easily 
install "daemons" this way.

Best regards,

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