[Mono-devel-list] The Road to Mono 1.0

Andreas Nahr ClassDevelopment at A-SoftTech.com
Tue Apr 27 15:44:16 EDT 2004

I think we are missing something which *may* be important on that list ->
mscorlib ;)

Moreover the System.Drawing.Design assembly is functionally complete (mostly
done by me ;), though not tested a lot. But unfortunatelly it is pretty
useless without SWF.

I'm also unsure about if it is a good thing to launch that early. I thought
one of the goals of mono would be to be an alternative for windows
developers (leading them to Linux). However if we do not ship a somewhat
usable SWF impl I fear that we will loose most of this audience faster that
we can say "oh".
I'm a windows developer myself. And right now of the 72 Projects/
Prototypes/ Tests/ Whatevers in my 'repository' only one works on mono.
Why? Most of these projects are libraries (that would probably work on
mono), however nearly all of them have at least one SWF test/ config
application. And I think that this is not uncommon in the windows world.
I know only very few people that create a console app for things like that
on windows. And even less will work with config files only.
Just look around the web. e.g. go to gotdotnet and try how many of the user
samples would just run on mono - unchanged.
Mono won't even work for some (even the majority?) of asp.net apps because
lots of these are using vb.net and usually aren't precompiled.


> Well there is an omission in http://www.go-mono.com/mono-1.0.html.
> Microsoft.VisualBasic
> will be shipped but probably with the unstable tag.
> Also a doubt. What is the criteria to tag an assembly as unstable?
> Mono.GetOptions is quite stable, and useable, for a long time, it needs
> some documentation love. I don't plan to put the gettext feature in it,
> this release, so I would tag it as stable for 1.0.
> Thanks, and let's onepointzero our dear Mono.
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