[Mono-devel-list] Extension to mcs

Jürg Billeter j at bitron.ch
Thu Apr 22 15:26:00 EDT 2004


I'd like to add support for "Design by Contract" [1] to the Mono C#
compiler using custom attributes - kind of what eXtensible C# [2] does.
This requires the dynamic modification of the code tree after the parse
step of mcs. At the moment there is AFAIK no possibility to extend mcs
like that without forking it. But it seems that such extensions are
possible with very little modification of mcs. Specifically that'd be:
- a hook event after the parse step, probably in MainDriver
- a public get property for the statements member in the Block class

Perhaps more changes will become necessary but such little modifications
shouldn't hurt. So, my question is now, can I assume that a patch
integrating these changes would be accepted or are there some
fundamental issues I've overlooked?



[1] Design by Contract is an approach invented by Bertrand Meyer who
happens to be a prof in my CS course. For more information, have look at

[2] XC#: http://www.resolvecorp.com/Products.aspx

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