[Mono-devel-list] New 'published' keyword

adam adam at negligible.co.uk
Sun Apr 18 12:08:28 EDT 2004


I've had this idea in my head for a while and was wondering what the
mono community would make of it.

IMHO [despite my lack of major experience with it] inter-process
communication with CORBA / Bonobo is horrible - and with CLI there is
surely no longer a need for .idl files?

Couldn't a new keyword [ eg. 'published' ] be added to imply that a
class / method / property / delegate is accessable to other processes.
Published would imply public. For instance:

published class A {
	published void run() { }
	published int A {
		get {}
		set {}
	published delegate void MyDelegate(string input);
	published MyDelegate myDelegate;

This idea could be extended if generic libraries declare published
methods, for instance a GTK# window's destroy() signal could be marked

One may be able to implement this idea using CORBA?

Anyway just an idea,


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