[Mono-devel-list] Assembly.LoadFile

Carl-Adam Brengesjö ca.brengesjo at telia.com
Thu Apr 15 15:56:16 EDT 2004

xiii29 wrote:
> On Mono, if I try the same sample of code, I'm not able to load the 
> assembly. I have to look for its dependencies and make it accessible 
> (for the moment) in the folder.

Though I'm not a mono-guru, I dont belive there is a way to solve it in
your application without having two ways of doing it and choosing the
correct method depending on environment info.

IMHO, as this is a glitch between the Mono and MS .NET implementation,
it ought to be fixed in the Mono class libraries. This kind of
implementation errors should not occur.

/Carl-Adam Brengesjö

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