[Mono-devel-list] Proposal: Library Loading

Rachel Hestilow lists at nullenvoid.com
Tue Apr 13 21:23:39 EDT 2004

Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:

>What happens if I have one assembly that needs libfoo.so.1,
>and another that wants libfoo.so.2?  The conf.d scheme seems to break
>down in that case (though arguably no worse than the current scheme).
>I don't mind the .d scheme, but I'm not really sure what it solves;
>the runtime could just as well know to look for libfoo.so.*, and
>pick the highest number that it finds, no?
As I understand it, the conf.d scheme also makes it more convenient for 
seperate packages to install DLL mappings -- for example, right now the 
Gtk# dllmap entries are distributed with mono, and not with Gtk#. It 
would be much more convenient if seperate projects could install their 
own DLL mappings without coordinating with the mono developers, or 
having to manipulate the existing config file in an install script.

-- Rachel

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