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Christopher D. Hawkinson chawkinson at lantronix.com
Mon Apr 12 10:37:50 EDT 2004

Hi Manoj,

I just finished working through all of the issues to get Mono working
with Apache 2.0 on my Red Hat Enterprise 3 system. Here's the
step-by-step version of what I did (hope it helps)...

1) I downloaded all source files from www.go-mono.com . I untarred these
files to my /usr/local/src directory.

2) Install Mono and mcs first...
	- go to mono-0.31 directory and type './configure --prefix=/usr'
	- make
	- make install
	- go to mcs-0.31 directory and type './configure --prefix=/usr'
	- make
	- make install

3) Install XSP...
	- go to xsp-0.9 directory and type './configure --prefix=/usr'
	- make
	- make install

4) Install mod_mono...
	- go to mod_mono-0.7 directory and type './configure
	- make
	- make install

5) Install ModMono.dll...
	- go to mod_mono-0.7/src directory
	- make -f makedll.mak
	- cp ModMono.dll /usr/lib

6) Edit Apache config file...
	- go to /etc/httpd/conf
	- vi httpd.conf
	- at end of section with LoadModules commands, add the lines
		LoadModule mono_module
		MonoUnixSocket /tmp/mod_mono_server
	- at end of section with Listen commands, add the line
		Listen 8080
	- at end of section with Alias commands, add the line
		Alias /mono "/usr/share/doc/xsp/test"

7) Start Mono server...
	- go to /usr/share/doc/xsp/test directory
	- mono /usr/bin/mod-mono-server.exe --root . --applications

8) Open a new console window and change permissions on the
mod_mono_server file...
	- go to /tmp
	- chmod 666 mod_mono_server

9) Restart Apache...
	- /etc/init.d/httpd restart

10) Load default aspx page...
	- Start Mozilla, and go to http://localhost/mono/index.aspx

That's all I did, and it seems to be working OK. I hope this info helps.


Chris Hawkinson

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 12:51:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Manoj Waikar <manoj_w at yahoo.com>
To: Mono-devel-list at lists.ximian.com
Subject: [Mono-devel-list] Problems with Apache / XSP serving aspx

Hi All,

I've Apache (httpd-manual-2.0.40-21 /
httpd-devel-2.0.40-21 / httpd-2.0.40-21) installed on
RHL 9. I've also installed Mono
(mod_mono-0.7-0.ximian.6.0 / mono-0.31-1.ximian.6.0)
and XSP (xsp-0.9-0.ximian.6.0).

I've installed the Apache from RHL 9 CDs, and Mono and
XSP through RPMs. My Apache server is working fine and
is serving the test page. However, I am not able to
configure Apache to serve aspx pages. Even XSP is also
not serving aspx pages.

Please let me know how to configure Apache and / or
XSP so that I am able to run mono-doc and aspx pages.

Thanks in advance.

Manoj Waikar.

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