[ndoc-devel] Re: [Mono-devel-list] monodoc provider for doc c omments

Ferdinand Prantl ferdinand.prantl at ixos.de
Fri Apr 9 03:38:36 EDT 2004

> From: Donald Kackman [mailto:dkackman_2000 at yahoo.com] 
> Take a look at RFE# 918014.
> (http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=9180
> 14&group_id=36
> 057&atid=416081)
> It's not directly related to this topic but from the looks of 
> the initial comment, the submitter had a MC++ /doc compiler 
> working (or in the works).

Thank you, I will try to ask him about his experiences from the time
he searched some path to achieve this goal.

> It looks to me like they use a C macro (probably a 
> combination of __FILE__ and __LINE__) along with a custom 
> attribute in the C++ code.

Oh yeah, I can remember an example of usage of attributes for documenting,
where a comment is in attribute. Here it is interesting, how to prevent
of the managed C++ sources by referencing the location of the comment in
an attribute to be extracted from the compiled assembly.

However, I would like to have a solution without an extra element
in compiled assembly (OK, I could remove it using CodeDom, but...). I would
like a non-intrusive solution (for sources), with no extra preprocessing,
just like
it is for C#, or for managed C++ in MSVS 2005. Even if the solution you
mentioned is simplier.

Currently my ordinary job eats me time for playing with it but I will find
some... :-)


> don

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