[ndoc-devel] Re: [Mono-devel-list] monodoc provider for doc c omments

Ferdinand Prantl ferdinand.prantl at ixos.de
Thu Apr 8 05:25:15 EDT 2004


> From: Donald Kackman [mailto:dkackman_2000 at yahoo.com] 
> I think having a set of companion projects to NDoc, to 
> generate /doc comments for non-standard scenarios would be 
> extremely useful.
> I for one could use a MC++ documenter.

I have knocked up support for more .NET languages in the MSDN documenter and
its XSLs and JSs, with the same javascript-switching as there is in MSDN.
Currently in my modification I have C#, MC++, VB and JS switchable. I did
also some more modifications and now I am integrating it into the beta of
1.3 to be able to submit it as a contribution. Output of mc++ works so.

The problem with input for MC++ is the lack of generator for the similar XML
as csc.exe does from C# sources. CL.EXE can do from MC++ sources it from VS
2005, but for the new syntax only, as I taste bitterly now...

Now I am considering (and trying) the three possiblities:

1) to modify doxygen to accept MC++ sources and generate a better support
for the .NET full names in the ouput XML + to create a XSL doxy2dotnet
2) try to achieve the generation of the NDoc/.NET compatible XML by
utilizing the openc++ parser, probably together with reflecting to the
existing assembly or not (it could be useful to have the without)
3) let everyhing on cl.exe from the upcoming VS (well, not so good for the
OSS world...)

Evaluation of the 1) shows, that it is pretty complex and rather misusing of
the tool but I will see. The second one I am going to like, let's see after
the weekend.


> don

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