[Mono-devel-list] monodoc provider for doc comments

Marcus mathpup at mylinuxisp.com
Tue Apr 6 22:19:18 EDT 2004

csdoc will extract the ECMA-style doc comments from the document and create an 
XML representation. csdoc2html and csdoc2latex are some options for creating 
documentation from that XML.

Doxygen allows has some support for embedded comments in C#, although I'm 
investigation this.

(Monodoc is not suitable for authoring documentation for those of us who 
cannot run Gtk#, as far as I can tell. The web interface seems to be 

There are also many people who are very much committed to the doc-comment 
style. I did notice, however, that the Rotor documentation does not use 
doc-comments except for /// <include .... >, so that they are storing their 
comments in some external format as well.

On Tuesday 06 April 2004 8:31 pm, Ben Maurer wrote:

> Writing a provider like the ecma one is a pretty big task. The current
> ecma provider is very deeply tied into the system. Like joshua, I
> recommend transforming the c# docs into the monodoc format. This way,
> you get new benefits as we add them to the system (eg, formatting fixups
> we make, etc). Of course, some features you wont be able to take
> advantage of (like the beautiful editing system in MonoDoc which, sadly,
> you miss out on).

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