[Mono-devel-list] Mono on AIX

Eran Sandler esandler at netvision.net.il
Mon Apr 5 04:16:52 EDT 2004

I see.

Therefore... I since I know AIX 4.3.3 is different from AIX 5.x.x I will add
the following flags and update the autoconf to search for them accordingly:

1) AIX_4 - for all AIX 4.x.x
2) AIX_5 - for all AIX 5.x.x

I did manage to compile everything on AIX. At the moment I only handled mint
but I currently have another problem which I think is related to the glib I
have. mint core dump on one of the first functions there g_set_app_name (I'm
not near the computer that have the soruce right now so I don't remember the
name exactly).

Any idea how to resolve this? Or I will just bash it until it is resolve,
like I did with the other issues ? ;-)


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> Hello,
> > I got some dependencies problems, mainly with gettext and libintl which
> > I need to resolve and than I will be able to test mono.exe.
> >
> > Regarding the _AIX_SOURCE flag, I know there is a flag named
> > PLATFORM_WIN32 which is used to define Windows specific code. I was
> > wondering whether there is a convetion for naming such flags because I
> > need such a flag to make everything work on AIX.
> PLATFORM_WIN32 is a big "catch all" for many features which are
> radically different than their Unix counterparts.
> In Unix you should probe for specific features, since most Unix systems
> are similar and only differ slightly from one to another, and some
> differences are even in the same OS but different revisions.
> So for Unix, any kind of `If Solaris' or `If BSD' is likely the wrong
> thing to do.
> For AIX patches to go into Mono, you need to use feature-based
> configuration options, and use autoconf to probe for those features like
> we do for the rest.
> Miguel.

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