[Mono-devel-list] WSE 2.0

Todd Berman tberman at gentoo.org
Tue Sep 30 14:40:43 EDT 2003

We are just starting the WSE2.0 stuff right now.

One of the issues we are running into a bit is the huge difference
between WSE1 and WSE2.

In the immediate future to solve the issue we will be maintaining two
.source files for building purposes, and using a single modified
Makefile to build two assemblies, Microsoft.Web.Services.1.dll and
Microsoft.Web.Services.2.dll. As well as using #if with WSE1 and WSE2 to
build files that are shared between the two APIs.

Seeing as how these dll names will prevent easy interop between .net and
mono there will be a variable (hopefully able to be passed either on the
commandline to make, or in your local make config file) that will create
a copy of either the WSE1 assembly or the WSE2 assembly and name it

Most people wont even run into this issue, because this assembly is not
being built in a default mcs build and is just for development/testing.

As well, in the future, when the GAC is in place, this will prevent a
lot of these naming issues because mono will find the dll based on the
GAC and not on the filename.

Any thoughts, or suggestions on what we are thinking about doing for the
time being would be very welcome :)

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> Hello,
> > Who is working on WSE 2.0 and what portions are you guys working on?
> Sebastien started most of the work;  Duncan and Daniel chipped in, and
> now Todd started to contribute code.
> Miguel
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