[Mono-devel-list] Various topics

Jason King jason.king at profox.co.uk
Tue Sep 30 06:18:57 EDT 2003

Good morning Mono community.  It is a reasonably calm day down here in
Cornwall, and there is no surf, so stay at home....and throw me a bone here,

I have a smattering of questions for you all, and would very much appreciate
any advice or answers you can give.  Some of the questions are rather
searching I am afraid, and others are just down to my own ignorance.  I very
much hope you can help me.

1. System.PlatformNotSupportedException - The exception that is thrown when
a feature does not run on a particular platform.  Currently, there do not
appear to be any calls to this class, however, the class is defined in
Can anyone tell me why this class is not used anywhere, and if there are any
plans to use it.

2. Does the community have any plans to add to the PlaftormID enumeration
set?  If not, presumably at some point one interested party or another will
propose further values to ECMA, at which point, is it fair to say that any
extra platformid enums will be added to Mono?

3. Being that direct Linux/Mac equivalents are going to be hard to agree on,
what is going to be the Linux / Mac strategy for dealing with elements of
System.Environment such as SpecialFolders enum and GetFolderPath.

4.  System.IO. FileSystemWatcher appears to be nearly complete.  According
to Microsoft's documentation, their implementation does not work with
Win95/98, does anyone have any comments on the Mono equivalent?

5.System.Diagnostics.EventLog.  I can see that EventLog has one of three
planned implementations.  The win32 is not done, and the xml is not done,
but there is a generic implementation.  So, presumably, one uses the generic
implementation in the normal way, thus allowing people to write future proof
code.  In order to actually a produce a readable file, is it the intention
that the client code must iterate through the collection of written events,
and then do something with them, for example, writing out to a text file?

6. System.Diagnostics.PerformanceCounter: what is the strategy for dealing
with the various processors under various OSes?

7. What are the Mono plans / strategy for System.Diagnostics.Process across
the various platforms and OSes?

8. System.Text.AsciiEncoding.WindowsCodePage - there is a comment in the
code which says: "We make no distinction between normal and windows code
page in this implementation."  I don't really understand the implications of
this, otherthan when you use this property, the accessor returns the
'normal' codepage as mentioned in the comment there.  Are there any sinister
implications of this?

Jason King
Profox Systems Ltd

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