[Mono-devel-list] bunch of monodis patches

Jackson Harper jackson at latitudegeo.com
Sat Sep 27 20:08:00 EDT 2003


	PythonNet uses monodis/ilasm in its build. While trying to get this
working I fixed a number of monodis issues. If no one has any objects
within the next few days I will commit. 

	Sorry there is so many diff things in one patch, if anyone wants me to
split things out or clarify something just ask.


Here are the changes:
- Fix unsigned ints (not uint)
- Single quote argument names (this is kinda a hack, ildasm will only
single quote arg names that are ilasm keywords)
- Remove fixme, we know what typedbyref means 
- Add method to get fieldref signatures (previously we were outputting
their token)
- Use fieldref method
- Fix visibility names
- When outputing pinvoke info quote the module and method names
- Properties have specialname, and rtspecialname flags (nothing else)
- dissasemble global methods and fields (there are some indentation

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