[Mono-devel-list] Mono v1.0

Mark Easton mark.easton at blinksoftware.co.uk
Sat Sep 27 09:18:24 EDT 2003

While I was out doing the grocery shopping today, a thought suddenly
dawned on me.  While there's been occasional talk about Mono's v1.0
release (which was last mentioned as being towards the end of Q1 2004)
there has been no talk about what's expected to be in v1.0.

I'm guessing it'll involve a stable mono and mcs, the core class
libraries, some documentation, ASP.NET and ADO.NET, but has anyone
actually put a stick in the ground yet and laid out the features that
are expected in v1.0?

I know it's kinda unimportant at the moment but I personally would be
keen to know what's meant by Mono v1.0


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> lupus wrote:
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> > Some CLR critics will say that the CLR should support such features
> > (mostly because they are lazy and don't want to implement it
> > themselves:-), but this would be a huge mistake. For example, making
> > CLR support multiple inheritance and changing parent types of a type
> > would slow down by orders of magnitude many common operations in
> > langauges like C# that can otherwise produce fast code. If that was
> > case, you'd have a slow VM in exchange for lazyness on the part of
> > dynamic languages implementors: I prefer the speed, plus I don't
have to
> > implement the feature in mono:-)
> >
> I can understand all the motivations behind a static and simpler type
> system. But
> don't you think there are features best implemented by the runtime?
> Coroutines and
> continuations, for instance?
> Rodrigo
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