[Mono-devel-list] Implementation of namespace System.Drawing.Printing

Hervé Poussineau poussine at freesurf.fr
Wed Sep 17 04:57:41 EDT 2003


I have implemented some classes in the System.Drawing.Printing namespace.
Printing doesn't completly work now, but each page is saved in a jpg file
(see StandardPrintController.cs)

I didn't try to compile with mcs and execute with mono, because of a
System.TypeInitializationException in DateTime.ctor(bool, long) on my
Windows system...

Also, you have to delete some files in
- PaperSourceCollection.cs: subclass of PrinterSettings
- PaperUnitConvert.cs: not found in .NET documentation

Excuse me, but I didn't success to produce .patch files, because of
different end lines between Windows and Linux. So, I have to send you all my
stuff. Sorry...

Implemented/modified files:
- Margins.cs
- MarginsConverter.cs
- PageSettings.cs
- PaperSize.cs
- PaperSource.cs
- PreviewPageInfo.cs
- PrintController.cs
- PrintDocument.cs
- PrinterSettings.cs
- PrinterUnitConvert.cs
- PrintEventArgs.cs
- PrintEventHandler.cs
- PrintingPermission.cs
- PrintingPermissionAttribute.cs
- PrintPageEventArgs.cs
- QueryPageSettingsEventHandler.cs
- StandardPrintController.cs

Things left to do:
- PrintingPermission.FromXml/ToXml:
  Deal with System.Security.SecurityElement and I didn't want to know how it
- StandardPrintController:
  Actually, "print" == "save each page in a different file"
- PrinterSettings:
  Get capabilities and default values: intern call?
  GetHdev*/SetHdev* : deal with Win32 API
- PageSettings:
  SetHdevmode/CopyToHdevmode : deal with Win32 API

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