[Mono-devel-list] tailcall support in mcs

Jackson Harper jackson at latitudegeo.com
Mon Sep 15 16:47:05 EDT 2003

 Quote from Jim Hogg:
  (note in passing that .NET compilers for "conventional" languages like C#,
don't generate tail. calls, even if you craft a genuinely tail-recursive,
accumulating factorial, for example.  You'd want to be using a Scheme,
Lisp or ML to see tail. prefixed calls in the wild)
 found here:

 If you want to emit tail calls I would reccomend ilasm. 


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> Hello,
> > Is outputting tallcalls done or planned in mcs? I'm working on
> > functional language implementation. I'm generating C# (for 
> now, later
> > I'll switch to ilasm or bytecode), so lack of tailcalls is very
> > annoying.
> So far, I had no plans on adding support for this.  Does Microsoft CSC
> emit tail calls?  Do you have a sample program that illustrates this?
> Miguel
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