[Mono-devel-list] ppc-devel at lincore.co.uk

Jay Bennie jay at lincore.co.uk
Mon Sep 8 08:57:17 EDT 2003

appologise for the delay in setting this up - but there is a working mailing
list and a the beginings of a ppc-devel site at

web : ppc-devel.lincore.co.uk
mailing list ppc-devel at lincore.co.uk

the mailing list is there for anyone who wants channel specific feedback on
the ppc-devel issues - at the moment this is specific to mono but should be
considered a general ppc-development list

I havent got much time to upload content to the site or get the backend
scripts working- there are two reasons for this

1) I would like the site to be developed using mono.net   technologies via
2) This site is currently running on a dual xeon but the plan is to by a new
xserver and xraid and the set up the site there but that will take a month
or so.

Admin is provided by myself and david at the moment - but help in developing
the site would be appreciated as we are very limited due to a huge ammount
of project work.

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