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Mark Easton mark.easton at blinksoftware.co.uk
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I'm not sure from your description what exactly it is that you're after,
but FYI PNET has a C compiler that produces IL and I believe can consume
.NET assemblies.  Perhaps you already know this, or perhaps it will be
of no use to you, but thought I'd throw it into the mixing pot,

Yours, wishing I'd flame proofed myself before mentioning PNET in the
Mono list, 


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Is it possible to use the part of Mono that can read the structure of an
assembly from a C program (linking as a library or something)?

I'm writing a compiler that targets .net as well as several other
architectures, so the compiler is not written in a .net lanuguage and I
can't use the Reflection namespace (unless perhaps I can?...).

Hmm... perhaps I could write a separate program in C# that uses
Reflection and exports a header file for my language...

Chris Seaton

chris at chrisseaton.com

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