[Mono-devel-list] Future direction for System.Web and System.Security.Principal...

Mark Easton mark.easton at blinksoftware.co.uk
Wed Sep 3 05:18:34 EDT 2003

I've been naively wondering about the direction some of the System.Web
implementation will take and thought I might throw a couple of questions
to the crowd.

Firstly, the System.Web.Security namespace contains classes that provide
authentication against Windows/IIS and Microsoft Passport, and neither
of these mechanisms is currently implemented in Mono. We all know
Passport is bad and that trusting MS to look after our personal details
is akin to digital suicide, but is it the Mono project's plan to
implement the Passport and Windows authentication classes at some point,
or will they remain as stones left unturned?  As a corollary, I'm also
wondering how Sytem.Security.Principal is going to be implemented?  Will
the Windows-based classes be implemented and, if so, will they be joined
by UNIX-based classes or, will the Generic classes be extended in some

Finally, MS.NET allows session state to be disabled or stored in a
variety of different ways, including: within the ASP.NET process; in a
SQL Server database; or in a Windows State Server Service.  Mono
currently only supports the disabling of session state or the storing of
in-process session state, but I assume that a state server and a DB
mechanism can be added at some point. So does anyone know if its going
to be possible to get the state server to be compatible with the MS
implementation, and for the DB mechanism, would I be right in assuming
it will probably be implemented in a  provider-agnostic fashion?
Cheers for any thoughts,


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