[Mono-devel-list] PDC: wrapping up.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Fri Oct 31 13:18:07 EST 2003


    Gonzalo, LLuis and myself got together to discuss the new
announcements and plot a plan of action for Mono.   We have some early
thoughts that we will be transcribing, and we will be updating the
roadmap we published earlier for discussion on the list.

    I think we have a pretty good idea of how to move forward, and
assist people who might be interested in working on the new bits to do
so.  The team at Novell will continue to be focused in making sure we
ship 1.0, but we also want to encourage audacious developers to go and
have fun implementing new components.

    Until we release the plan, I recommend people read up on what is
posted on msdn.microsoft.com.   


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