[Mono-devel-list] Snapshot builds: SparcV9 Solaris 9

WC Jones sx at insecurity.org
Sat Oct 25 10:41:37 EDT 2003

>On Fri, 2003-10-24 at 17:27, Bernie Solomon wrote:
>> There is a 2nd issue that socket-io.c doesn't build as is on Solaris 8 - at
>> least for me - I attach some diffs that make it compile for me but I'd
>> like some confirmation these are OK for all platforms before commiting
>> them.
>It might be better to check if s6_addr is defined inside the "#ifndef
>s6_addr16" section, so we use the 16-bit version if possible.  Apart
>from that, if we can confirm that this doesn't break anything then go
>ahead and commit.

At least for Solaris 9 Ultrasparc w/gcc 3.3.1 it is required:

Well, I can confirm that none of the snapshots since Oct 20th will build without 
it - it is required to get past socket-io.c errors (I have not checked anything 
earlier than the 20th.)

I can also confirm that it has no effect on whether mono 0.28 builds or not -- 
mono 0.28 will not build - without the patch it fails in socket-io.c and with it 
it fails in tramp.c -- in both cases IPv6 is detected as "no".

Also, whether I have the patch or not neither CVS nor the snaphots will build 
using "make fullbuild"

HTH/Bill  :)

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