[Mono-devel-list] Snapshot builds: SparcV9 Solaris 9

Bernie Solomon bernard at ugsolutions.com
Fri Oct 24 12:27:45 EDT 2003

These are just warnings.... and I think unnecessary noise... looking at the
numbers in this and the bugzilla report referred to in Zoltans' reply I
any cast from (char *) to something which requires proper alignment seems
to generate the warning from gcc - there are lots of these. I think you
just have to ignore them (note Sun's Forte compiler which is what I use
generates quite a few warnings too - but not for these casts).

I think you just ignore the warnings (or adjust the options to
remove whatever generates them).  Of maybe versions of gcc matter
here (I don't have it at the moment myself).

There is a 2nd issue that socket-io.c doesn't build as is on Solaris 8 - at
least for me - I attach some diffs that make it compile for me but I'd
like some confirmation these are OK for all platforms before commiting

Bernie Solomon

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> [I apologize for any duplicate posts]
> The mono build is failing on socket_io
> Plus I am getting a LOT of
> SOME.c:SomeLINE#: warning: cast increases required alignment of target
> ( Example -
> reflection.c:5482: warning: cast increases required alignment of target
> reflection.c: In function `mono_reflection_create_internal_class' )
> Mostly in the *_io files...
> Search of google doesnt come up with much.  I was under the impression
that mono
> would build on SparcV9 Solaris?
> Am I missing something?  I do have IPv6 plumb'ed and running - not sure
but I
> think that may have some contributing factor.
> My build environment with regard to GTK is up-to-date; plus I am using GCC
> Thanks for any information/help the list could provide.
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