[Mono-devel-list] Re: Potential GAC implementation ideas.

Todd Berman tberman at gentoo.org
Thu Oct 23 18:10:46 EDT 2003

> That sort of breaks the model with packaging on Linux, though.  In the
> RPM, there's a reference to a file, and that file has to go *somewhere*,
> so why not put it where it's supposed to go? :)

I guess the hype around .NET breaking models isn't really FUD then :P

> The tool to tell it where to go could be done at build-time, rather than
> installation-time, unless there's some reason why the file would go to
> different locations on different machines (different $prefix
> notwithstanding)

Yup, sure could be done at build time, but what if for some strange reason
we start using a sqlite database to store them (not suggesting, or even
inferring that, just using a wildly different way of storage). Then the
package is broken and we are back where we started again.


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