[Mono-devel-list] Re: Potential GAC implementation ideas.

Todd Berman tberman at gentoo.org
Thu Oct 23 17:56:55 EDT 2003

> 	/usr/lib/monogac/HelperAssembly/magicnumbers24134/HelperAssembly.dll
> But we have to tell RPM to put the file *somewhere*. Maybe:
> 	/usr/lib/MyMonoProgram/HelperAssembly.dll
> And then copy / link it into the GAC? (You can't move it, since then rpm
> -V MyMonoProgram will report a problem and in general RPM expects all
> the files in its listings to actually exist.)

This seems to be RPM specific, but isn't there a way to tell RPM to install
it to /tmp and then not to attempt to remove it? A post install could push
it into the GAC from /tmp.


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