[Mono-devel-list] Novell Forge's Mono Community.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue Oct 21 20:00:47 EDT 2003


   A new service for the Mono Community from Novell.  It is now possible
to host your open source Mono or .NET based project in the Novell Forge
system.  This is very similar to SourceForge, but with more bandwidth

   Thanks to Matt and Scott at Novell for setting this up for us.

   Instructions follow:

Novell Forge (http://forge.novell.com/) is a website managed by Novell
to promote the development of open source applications and solutions. 
Novell Forge features communities, akin to foundries on SourceForge.net,
which exist for the purpose of facilitating collaboration and
information exchange about certain technologies or solutions.
At Miguel's request, we have created a Mono community on Novell Forge
that is administered by Miguel.  This community, located at
http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/community/?monocomm, provides a
resource for interaction and collaboration on Mono and associated
solutions.  Each community has the ability to provide forums, mailing
lists, FAQs, news, documentation, surveys, sample code, and links to
related applications.  The Mono community has been created for anyone
interested in Mono to use, and the exact set of features offered at the
community is determined by Miguel.

Any individual or group that wishes to provide Mono-based solutions in
an open source fashion is encouraged to host their solution on the
Novell Forge website, free of charge.  Once the project is hosted on
Novell Forge, you can send Miguel an e-mail requesting that your project
be associated with the Mono project.  This promotes a symbiotic
relationship where the growth of Mono applications helps to improve
Mono, and the growth of Mono likewise helps to increase the visibility
and usefulness of your applications.

Creating an Account
A Novell Forge account is required in order to create a project on
Novell Forge as well as for certain levels of participation within a
community like the Mono community.  In order to create an account, do
the following:
1.  Go to http://forge.novell.com/ and click on the "Register" link.
2.  You will be redirected to the Novell Login page.  This one resource
is used by all of Novell's websites that require authentication, so if
you already have a Novell login you may use that login here.  Otherwise,
simply create a login account.
3.  You will be redirected back to the Novell Forge page.  Click on the
"create my Novell Forge account" link, near the top left of the page.
4.  A form should be filled in with the correct information for you. 
If you like, choose an avatar and then submit the form.
5.  Confirm the creation of your account.

You should be good to go at this point.  Now, to create a project,
simply choose the "Start New Project" link from the left menu and follow
the steps.

Novell Forge offers a limited set of context-sensitive help links and a
full help section.  If you have trouble, go to the help section at

Important Links:
Novell Forge - http://forge.novell.com/
Mono Community -
Novell Forge Help -

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