[Mono-devel-list] NUnit 2.1 for Mono - status and questions

Charlie Poole cpoole at pooleconsulting.com
Sun Oct 19 04:25:48 EDT 2003

Hi All,

Source for a nunit 2.1.4 that builds and runs with mono is available
for testing at http://charliepoole.org/downloads/nunit-mono-2.1.4.zip.

I've built this successfully and run the tests using the build.bat file
included in the zip. I wasn't able to get nant to run under mono, but 
the nunit.build worked for me under .NET 1.1 so I think it's OK.

You can send me feedback on either mailing list or directly.

Charlie Poole
cpoole at pooleconsulting.com

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> Subject: [Mono-devel-list] NUnit 2.1 for Mono - status and questions
> Hi all,
> This note contains (1) status of the mono release of NUnit 2.1, (2) a
> list of differences between that release and the windows release so far
> and (3) some specific questions I have.
> 1. Status
> I have a build that appears to work at least insofar as I can test it.
> I'll make a link available this weekend for those willing to try it out
> and give me some feedback.
> This build will be initially separate from the downloads on sourceforge
> and I will maintain it as a private branch. Once I know it's stable, I
> expect to merge it in with the nunit sourceforge code using conditional
> compilation where necessary.
> I expect the mono distribution to be a separate package on sourceforge
> by some point in November. I see it as source code only at this point.
> 2. Differences
> The following assemblies are not included in the Mono release:
> 	nunit-gui	(the Windows forms gui)
> 	nunit.uikit	(Windows forms support dll)
> 	cpp-sample	(sample app)
> 	jsharp	(sample app)
> 	vb-sample	(sample app)
> 	install	(Windows msi builder)
> The nunit.framework assembly is split into nunit.core and
> unit.framework. This is in nunit's cvs tree and will be in the next
> windows release as well. The framework assembly is for reference by
> tests, the core assembly is for use by client code like gui runners,
> etc.
> The nunit.util assembly no longer contains references to the Windows
> registry. It /does/ contain code to open Visual Studio .NET projects and
> solutions. That code should work even on a linux OS since it merely
> reads the files and doesn't depend on Visual Studio at all.
> 3. Questions
> I have a Windows install of mono but not from source. Can I use this to
> perform some verification myself? Is there a doc that will get me
> started quickly? I do plan to set up a separate machine in the near
> future but I don't have a major amount of time right now, so if I have
> to build mono from source to do this I'll just rely on you folks to find
> problems.
> The initial release for mono won't have (or need) any optional settings
> but they will be needed at some point. I'd like to migrate the settings
> for nunit to a more portable implementation. Does mono support
> IsolatedStorage? If not, what approach would you favor?
> Any other questions or comments on the above?
> Charlie Poole
> cpoole at pooleconsulting.com
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