[Mono-devel-list] NUnit 2.1 for Mono - status and questions

Charlie Poole cpoole at pooleconsulting.com
Fri Oct 17 15:48:41 EDT 2003

Hi all,

This note contains (1) status of the mono release of NUnit 2.1, (2) a
list of differences between that release and the windows release so far
and (3) some specific questions I have.

1. Status

I have a build that appears to work at least insofar as I can test it.
I'll make a link available this weekend for those willing to try it out
and give me some feedback.

This build will be initially separate from the downloads on sourceforge
and I will maintain it as a private branch. Once I know it's stable, I
expect to merge it in with the nunit sourceforge code using conditional
compilation where necessary.

I expect the mono distribution to be a separate package on sourceforge
by some point in November. I see it as source code only at this point.

2. Differences

The following assemblies are not included in the Mono release:
	nunit-gui	(the Windows forms gui)
	nunit.uikit	(Windows forms support dll)
	cpp-sample	(sample app)
	jsharp	(sample app)
	vb-sample	(sample app)
	install	(Windows msi builder)

The nunit.framework assembly is split into nunit.core and
unit.framework. This is in nunit's cvs tree and will be in the next
windows release as well. The framework assembly is for reference by
tests, the core assembly is for use by client code like gui runners,

The nunit.util assembly no longer contains references to the Windows
registry. It /does/ contain code to open Visual Studio .NET projects and
solutions. That code should work even on a linux OS since it merely
reads the files and doesn't depend on Visual Studio at all.

3. Questions

I have a Windows install of mono but not from source. Can I use this to
perform some verification myself? Is there a doc that will get me
started quickly? I do plan to set up a separate machine in the near
future but I don't have a major amount of time right now, so if I have
to build mono from source to do this I'll just rely on you folks to find

The initial release for mono won't have (or need) any optional settings
but they will be needed at some point. I'd like to migrate the settings
for nunit to a more portable implementation. Does mono support
IsolatedStorage? If not, what approach would you favor?

Any other questions or comments on the above?

Charlie Poole
cpoole at pooleconsulting.com

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