[Mono-devel-list] Cairo and System.Drawing

Jason King jason.king at profox.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 06:02:41 EDT 2003

Hello all.

Thanks for the answer here below.  Quick question for you all, by
integrating GTK# with Cairo, do you mean that you would retain the GTK#
implementation for forms (and as a wrapper for all the other stuff that GTK#
encompasses) but plug Cairo into the backend of the GTK# stuff for
performing the rendering?

This would mean I guess that controls rendered by GTK# would take the
underlying visual characteristics of Cairo, and that user defined controls
that override the paint method for display would then look consistent with
GTK# supplied controls.

Jason King
Profox Systems Ltd

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> I have just read the good news about Cairo being used as the only back end
> to System.Drawing.  Well done Alexandre.
> Can anybody tell me if there is any glue code needed (like in the GTK#
> packages) to use Cairo, or is it just a case of getting the latest CVS
> for system.drawing and downloading and building cairo?
> I am guessing it is the simpler option of just downloads and rebuilds.

There is still no integration of Gtk# and System.Drawing, something that
we should do at some point.

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