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Jason King jason.king at profox.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 04:34:24 EDT 2003

Hello all,

I would just like to add my own reassuring thoughts to the mix.

We should all remember that a good deal of people will use Mono and .NET
related technologies completely independently of Microsoft.  .NET and C# is
a 'good thing' all in its own right, and coming from a career that is MS
based, I am glad to say that Mono and Portable.NET and all the hard work by
both communities and teams such as the NAnt and NUnit guys and all the other
people out there building for .NET,  have opened up two extra career paths
for myself, namely, Linux development and Mac development.

Although the article did have some valid and interesting points, its good to
think that people will use .NET and your work for their own needs, and that
as often as not, those needs may be a million miles away from anything to do
with the Redmond boys.

Keep up the good work!


Jason King
Profox Systems Ltd

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> And what if... they never enforce their patents?
> Try to envision what would happen to Microsoft when they enforced their
> patents, and it will become clear why they won't do it...
> Furthermore, I think .NET is the only good chance for Linux to become
> mainstream...

Well, this is answered in the FAQ, and is not only limited to Microsoft
patents, but with any patents in general for any kind of software.

	* For any patent claim that is just a rehashing of a technology that
	  predated it, we have no issue.

	* If the patent covers a technique, we reimplement using a different
	  technique.  For example, Microsoft recently had to redo the way
	  plugins are done because of a (bogus?) patent claim from Eolas.

	  Notice: it was not the end of the world.

	* If it is impossible to do this, we sit at the table and negotiate
	  with the patent holder in behalf of users and customers.

	* If there is no agreement, we drop the support for the feature, and
	  if it is important enough, we build an alternative, and a migration

Now guys, there is no need to freak-out, this is only software we are
talking about, relatively simple pieces of technology.  If you want to
freak out about something, at least make it worth the time: look into
poverty, social problems, economic policies, epidemics, aids, become an
activist, push for a better environment.

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