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Tue Oct 14 14:53:35 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 08:36, rappard at dds.nl wrote:
> <delurk> Apologies if this has been posted before (I'm on digest mode) -
> this was posted on slashdot today:
> http://librenix.com/?inode=3501
> Regards,
> Martin</delurk>

The doesn't really seem to know very much because he leaves out lots of
history, and facts.  For instance, as we all know this is under the EMCA
standard.  Now of course MS could change stuff, but as Miquel stated it
would hurt them just as much.  Personally I think Microsoft is simply
learning from Sun's issues pertaining to Java and how to open/close it
for community consumption.  More interesting however, is that if MS were
to try and crush Linux as the author states, they could easily be
brought up on anti-competitive practices (again).

Also remember, .NET is more than just MS.NET, its an idea of how to go
about things.  And that's the most important part.

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