[Mono-devel-list] proposal for a different JIT

Emanuele Ruffaldi pit at sssup.it
Tue Oct 14 14:15:33 EDT 2003

Varga Zoltan wrote:

>                                           Hi,
>   I thought about using KSI for an AOT compiler some time
>ago, but
>there are some problems: the main problem is that KSI is not an
>official part of gcc, and will never be, because that would
>the creation of possibly non-free fronts ends to gcc, which
>is agains
>FSF policy. So if we wanted to use KSI, we would have to
>our own extended version of gcc, which is a lot of work. For an
>example of a project which choose this route, see:
I understand that there is a problem of gcc distribution, but you should 
distribute only a small part of the
GCC toolchain just a few components, and also the integration of a front 
end in the GCC building process is

Also using the KSI for the AOT doesn't pay much, but could be more 
interesting an usage for the JIT, in this way you could reach
many platforms that are waiting a fast execution of the mono system.

Anyway, thanks!


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